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Scholarship Fund

NHORA SCC is excited to announce an opportunity for all those who wish to make a difference in the lives of graduating Latino/a seniors and first year college students in Santa Clara County.

We invite you to become a NHORA Agent for Change!

Become a NHORA Agent of Change today and take advantage of these benefits:

1.  Special invitation to participate in the Scholarship award ceremony to congratulate each recipient

2. Be recognized as a 2020 NHORA Agent for Change on the NHORA SCC Facebook page

3. Be recognized as a 2020 NHORA Agent for Change at our Installation Gala


Donating to the NHORA Scholarship Fund is a direct way to allow a student in need to achieve their     
academic goals and continue on their path to success. This year NHORA’s goal is to raise $35,000 in scholarships funds and double our current Scholarship award. 

Consider making donation of $1000 upfront by clicking on our Donation link below or making your check payable to NHORA SCC and mailing it to the address below.  Payments may be divided into four easy installments of $250 each for a total of $1000.



Local Impact

NHORA’s scholarship program enables Latino/a students in the local Santa Clara County on their journey towards success, leadership, and empowerment. Our program has a direct impact on the life of local students and the Santa Clara County community.

Make a Difference

By donating, you have the opportunity to directly affect the life of a student by helping them buy books, pay for classes, and give them a chance at succeeding in college. Help us make a positive difference in their life.

How to Donate

Please make all checks out to NHORA
and send via mail to:

200 So. 3rd Street
Unit 720968

San Jose, CA 95112
or Click on the button above.


Your contribution is tax deductible!