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NHORA is a nonprofit organization funded through membership dues, foundation grants and donations by individuals. We encourage you to become a partner and help us achieve our mission:


To promote Hispanic Leadership within the context of Community Building, Commerce, and Transparency in the Advancement of Sustainable Home ownership.


Sponsoring NHORA provides funding or support to a nonprofit organization or a community event. In return for its support, the sponsoring organization gets exposure to a target audience.

Generally, large companies sponsor large events. However, part of the increase in corporate sponsorship nationwide and locally is attributable to the number of small- and medium-size firms. In today’s business environment, small companies sponsor everything from local monthly lunches to yearly gala events, helping to increase their visibility within their communities.


Why It Matters

Involvement in community organizations demonstrates your concern for the community in which you live and shows that your business supports certain community-related issues. This can significantly improve your organization’s public image, as well as help build goodwill in your community.

Depending on the sponsorship level and type of event, sponsorship can offer your organization the following advertising opportunities:

  • Advertisement in program materials
  • Sponsorship status level on event brochures
  • Corporate logo on event advertisements
  • Signage/banner opportunities (stage, railing, towers, street pole, etc.)
  • Opportunity to distribute sample items

Getting Started

  • Give money to a NHORA event or to the organization. You can often deduct contributions like these on your taxes.
  • Volunteer your facilities -- it doesn’t take much space for a small group to meet.
  • Consider an “in-kind” sponsorship offer. For example, if you are a media outlet, offer free advertising for an event or organization.  If you are in the printing business, offer a discount for including your logo in the promotional materials for the event or organization.

Going Further

  • Host an event for NHORA. Whether it’s a monthly lunch or dinner, a yearly ball or gala nigh, or some other program, NHORA has at least one large event in need of sponsors and hosts.
  • Adopt a project. Once you start getting involved, you will probably find NHORA has many projects, big and small, that could use your hands-on help.  For example, your office might become involved in a local training or education program.
  • Provide recurring support for NHORA or a particular event. This will provide stability for the NHORA organization or event in question, and establish an identity for your organization within your community.

Sponsor NOW!

Your contribution is tax deductible.

If you prefer to donate by check, please mail your check, payable to:

2221 Oakland Rd #268
San Jose,  CA  95131
United States of America